Fixed Fee Conveyancing - Anywhere in Australia

Celebrating 12 years of Online Conveyancing with Affordable Fixed Legal Fees® is conveyancing made convenient! Itís straightforward, fixed fee conveyancing thatís easy for you.

Your conveyance will be expertly handled by our team of solicitors and supported by our client-friendly service guarantee. You get the best of the convenience of our national online service and our fixed fee conveyancing.

How is Our Fixed Fee Different to our Competitors'?

We understand that you want certainty about what you will pay for your conveyancing. So we offer an all-inclusive, fixed fee which includes our professional fee, the GST and the searches (disbursements) you must carry out. This is the total amount you will pay for your conveyancing - there are no add ons unless you ask us to do additional work eg. you want to do additional searches. Our promise is that you will not receive any nasty surprises at the end of your conveyance.

Our fee is different to most other conveyancing firms. They offer you a fee that is fixed only for their professional fees and which does not include disbursements or searches. If you review their offers carefully you will see that they are not comparable to our all inclusive, fixed fees as they say plus disbursements or disbursements extra. Those conveyancing firms will then add these additional charges to their professional fees and your final bill will be $300 to $500 more than what they have quoted you. That will not happen with our all inclusive, fixed fees. We let you know upfront exactly what you are up for.® allows us to achieve workflow efficiencies. The efficiencies arise not only from our online system and our streamlined communications, but also because we do not sit down with our clients across desks for lengthy meetings. We have passed the benefits back to you, the consumer, in the form of lower fees. Thatís why our fixed fees are so competitive.

Solicitor Conveyancing

If you are buying or selling real estate, the services of an expert, qualified conveyancing solicitor are essential. Nothing could be worse, or more damaging to your investment, than to have the important details of the legal transfer of ownership overlooked or mis-handled. And yet no one wants to spend more money than absolutely necessary on conveyancing or waste time in meetings and chasing paperwork.®, one of Australia's top conveyancing law firms, understands the issues the buyer/purchaser and seller/vendor face in executing the legal transfer of property, and has revolutionised the conveyancing process, virtually eliminating the hassles and driving down the cost.® offers its solicitor conveyancing services online. You deal directly with the solicitors doing the work on your conveyance. You also have your calls returned and emails answered on time. You have the convenience of communicating with us when it's the best time for you.

Our Client-Friendly Service Guarantee

With the® client-friendly system:

  • All services are provided online.
  • You will receive a free, all inclusive, fixed-price quote on services upfront.
  • You will receive real-time feedback through your own web page on our site whenever it suits you.
  • You can view or download your conveyancing documents and track the progress of your sale or purchase at any time online.
  • You can contact your® solicitor by telephone, fax or email on business days and receive a swift courteous reply.
  • All services are provided by properly qualified solicitors and conveyancing professionals with full professional indemnity insurance.
  • Time consuming visits to the offices of the solicitor/conveyancer are not required.
Whatever your conveyancing needs,® can handle them with finesse, expertise, and at a price that will surprise and please you. Please call us on 1300 136 386 from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We look forward to assisting you with your conveyancing and property needs.

If you have particular questions, please check out our FAQ page for instant answers to your conveyancing queries.

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